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from our correspondent in Moscow

Traditionally excluded from any vote major, succeeded it Sunday to forge a path through the election. At the end of elections more honest and transparent than usual, the leader of the movement's challenge to the Kremlin, is managed to get 27% of the vote, the best performance that has never carried out the opposition in Moscow. Not surprisingly, the outgoing Mayor, Sergei Sobyanin, who was appointed by Decree in 2010 by, was elected in the first round, but with a score of 51% very far from Soviet traditions. This result was even questioned Monday evening by more than 9000 Navalny supporters who were demonstrating in Central Moscow by denouncing "electoral violations.

In Petrozavodsk, city of 270,000 inhabitants located north of St. Petersburg, is a candidate supported by the small Yabloko party, who has delighted the Chair to his United Russia opponent, training subservient to the Kremlin. Finally, in Yekaterinburg, fourth largest city in the country, with 1.3 million inhabitants, it is an opponent controversial local authorities, Yevgeny Roizman, who won the election.

Beard poorly cut, preferring the port of the sweatshirt to the costume, this last competed as a member of the civic platform,. A native of the capital of the Urals, Roizman made himself known through the creation of a Fund, called, 'city without drugs '. A drug assistance program, which provides for a withdrawal by the hard way: these are confined to several in large cells before passing through a phase of rehabilitation in semi-freedom. Patron and social worker, the man is also entrepreneur thriving - in jewellery - and Aesthete. In Yekaterinburg, it has a superb collection of icons of old believers as well as 3,000 paintings by local artists. Opponent, it is primarily by trench warfare which he led for many years against the Governor of the region, carded to Russia United and appointed by the Kremlin. A golf course and an ambition that contrast sharply with those of Navalny, including the only designated opponent is Vladimir Putin. "My election and that of Moscow are two totally different things," says Figaro the new mayor of Yekaterinburg, which now promises to be more accommodating with local authorities and "collaborate" with them.

In institutional geography of the Urals, Yekaterinburg Mayor essentially has a symbolic value. Does any budget, and is not able to order work on the streets or renovate buildings. "Thanks to the election of Roizman, the protest mood of people could be channelled, what was the initial objective. But voters could quickly be disappointed when they understand that real power remains in the hands of the presidential administration,"says Mikhail Viouguine, Chief Editor of the Agency

Optimistic bets of the Kremlin, the good score of Navalny could also funnel protest movement in Moscow. But in the case of the capital, the calculation is more risky. The lawyer-blogger is not the kind to let exploit.

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